Fosterton Loop - 21km


Saturday 3rd August - 21kms

The Fosterton Loop 21km is a scenic road run leaving from the edge of Dungog and making a loop around Fosterton Road (Fosterton Valley) before returning to Dungog.  A stunning course for runners and joggers looking for a challenging, but beautiful road running challenge. This course could also be completed at walking pace, however, please note that the first section will require a jog as we provide safety vehicles along Stroud Hill Road. Fosterton Road will not be fully closed to public traffic, so although we provide safety cars and mountain bikes, road running rules need to be followed.



DATE: Saturday August 3, 2019

START: 8:30am 


CUT OFF: There is no specific cut off time, but please note the first 2kms of the course needs to be at a faster pace in order to get all runners safely off Stroud Hill Road. Runners are guided during the Stroud Hill Road section with a safety vehicle.

COST: $65

Please note this event does take place on the road, which is not closed to traffic, so although we have safety cars and mountain bike support crew, this is a run where you need to follow the rules of the road.



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